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ML Update 26 / 2012

ML Update

A CPI(ML) Weekly News Magazine

Vol.  15             No. 26                                                                         19 - 25 JUN 2012

Greece After Second Round Polls: Harder Struggles Ahead

Following the inconclusive ballot of 6 May, the 18 June elections confronted the people of Greece with three basic platforms to chose from: to remain in the Eurozone and the EU and renegotiate the bail-out conditionalities, as espoused by New Democracy (ND) and PASOK, the traditional ruling parties; to remain in the Eurozone and the EU, but default unilaterally on debt and reject the Memorandum (the conditionalities) as proposed by SYRIZA, the rapidly developing militant Left; to reject the debt, the whole EU project, and the NATO with it, as espoused by the Communist Party.


The first position meant continuation and deepening of the socio-economic crises that have already produced  five years of negative growth, over 23% unemployment, an astronomical rise in poverty (from less than 15% to over 40%) and mounting suicides. The third position was revolutionary in strategic terms, but generated concerns about the harsh consequences of a sudden decoupling from the Eurozone. The second platform strove to strike a golden mean: rebel against the most onerous injustice and exploitation but don't get isolated from the European alliance.


The Greek and international bourgeois media sought to terrorise the electorate with a picture of economic chaos and collapse if Syriza were to win the elections and implement its programme. And it worked. The fear of being kicked out of the Eurozone funding and capital markets, with hardly any reserves in national coffers to cover salaries, pensions or public services, proved a bit stronger than the anger over continuing austerity. This was what catapulted the ND into the first place. It vastly improved its vote share from 18.9% in the May 6 polls to 29.6%.  PASOK was further punished by the electorate and got 12.3%, down from 13.2% in the last round.  SYRIZA finished a close second, taking the second leap from 16.8% six weeks ago to 26.9% this time. On the downside, the neo-fascist Golden Dawn (which advocates, inter alia, forcing immigrants into work camps) retained its nearly 7% vote share despite the fact that after 6th May there was much more evidence (such as a recent TV chat show where one of its notorious leaders physically attacked another panelist) regarding its fascist nature, even as the radical left Communist Party of Greece (KKE) saw its share plummeting to 4.5% from 8.5%.


No doubt the most significant element in the election outcome is the steady progress recorded by SIRYZA, which had won just 4.6 per cent of the vote in the October 2009 elections. It has decided to oppose the forthcoming coalition government, to be headed by ND with the participation or support of PASOK and the Democratic Left (with 6.26% vote share) within and without the parliament.


As expected, Barack Obama and Angela Merkel immediately praised the election results. Euro exchange rates jumped and a mini-rally in equities markets took place. Germany has also said there could be a slight extension of the deficit- cutting deadline. But ND has promised more, such as a freeze in pension and salary cuts, and there will be great pressure on the new government to at least partly remove the austerity measures. German Chancellor Angela Merkel had this in mind when she warned, "Elections cannot call into question the commitments Greece made. We cannot compromise on the reform steps we agreed on". Obviously, political turbulence on these issues will grow once the government is formed.


For the time being, imperialist powers can heave a sigh of relief to see the threat of "Greekxit" and implosion of the Eurozone recede into the background.  But they know pretty well that the government in power will find the going extremely tough in the face of mighty public protests. Radicalisation of Greece, a member of the European Union and NATO, will only accelerate in the months to come and this will have great contagion effect across Europe and the world.  If Syriza and the KKE duly play the role of resistance expected of them, the rightist victory of 18 June will surely open up the road to new victories for the Left in electoral as well as parliamentary battles.

Statewide Protests by Five Left parties in Bihar

Demands CBI Inquiry into the Political Patronage Given to Ranvir Sena

Five left parties including CPI(ML), CPI, CPI(M), Froward Bloc and SUCI, held dharnas at district headquarters in Bihar demanding CBI probe into the political connections of Ranvir Sena, police firing in Forbisganj, Amausi case where innocent Musahars have been awarded death sentence, and into the killings of CPI(ML) leader Bhaiyaram yadav in Rohtas, Chhotu Kushwaha, a popular Mukhiya in Aurangabad, and murders of Surendra Yadav- Yogendra Sao. It was also demanded from the Nitish Govt. to fulfill the promise of going for Appeal in Supreme Court to get justice for the Bathani Tola victims. They said that Bihar Govt. had denied CBI inquiry in all above cases, while it was too prompt in recommending CBI inquiry into the killing of Brahmeshwar Singh. This clearly shows a surrender before feudal forces, and demanded that this probe too should be done by encompassing all the mass massacres carried out by the Ranvir Sena and latter's political connections as well as its funding sources.


CPI(ML) Politburo member Ramjatan Sharma, Bihar State Secretary Kunal, Central Committee members Dhirendra Jha and Nand Kishore Prasad, CPI State Secretary Rajendra Singh, CPI Secretariat member Jabbar Alam, CPM leader Arum Mishra, SUCI(C)'s Arun Singh and Forward Bloc leader Vakil Thakur joined Dharna at Kargil Chowk in Patna. The Left leaders said that the Bihar government has recommended CBI probe into the killing of Ranvir Sena chief Brahmeshwar Singh but has left the related issues untouched, particularly the political connections and patronage given to Ranvir Sena. Similarly, a CBI probe was instituted in the case of killing of BJP MLA Rajkishore Kesri at Purnia in what came to be known as Rupam Pathak case, but the central investigation agency was not given the task to look into the charges of rape and sexual abuse suffered by the her.


They said that the Nitish govt. has proved itself to be a mask of feudal-communal forces in the state. That is how now it seems to be backtracking, under pressure of communal forces, from its promise of going to SC for appeal in Bathani Tola case. This govt. is ignoring the democratic voices in support of Bathani Tola from all over the country. Nitish government instead of ordering CBI probes in various incedents of oppression, is trying barbarically to suppress all democratic protests in Bihar.


They further added that common masses, dalits, maha-dalits, pasmanda muslims, poor oppressed were killed in dozens of mass-massacres, but the culprits are never punished. While government is not inquiring into the political links of Ranvir Sena, many prominent political faces were seen at the cremetion of Ranvir Sena on 2 June in Patna. They are the people who protected Ranvir Sena, and if government is really willing, then could have taken action against them. Now a comprehensive CBI inquiry must be done in all affairs of Ranvir Sena.


The culprits of Forbisganj, where muslims were killed by police, are not punished only to appease the communal forces in the state, while fact that the innocent poor maha-dalit Musahars are given death sentence in Amausi case and Rupam Pathak is awarded Life sencence, is highly deplorable.


The false promise of giving 3 decimel of land to maha-dalits, and the benefits being given to land-mafia lobby in the name of giving land to maha-dalits was condemned in the dharna. The dharnas held in various districts also demanded dismissal of Health Minister Ashwini Chaubey for his criminal neglect of children suffering from encephalitis which has resulted in the deaths of more than 100 cheldren. A high level probe into the irregularities in the purchase of uninhabitable land to be allotted to Mahadalit families in Araria and Nalanda districts was also demanded.


The dharnas were held in all important centres of Bihar including Bhojpur, Siwan, Arwal, Sasaram, Nalanda, Gaya, Bhagalpur, Begusarai, Madhubani, Darbhanga, Shekhpura, Mujaffarpur, Gapalganj, Purnea and Araria.

Four Left Parties to Contest Municipal Elections jointly in UP

CPI(ML), CPI, Forward Block and RSP have reached to an understanding for municipal elections in Uttar Pradesh. These parties will support each other's candidates. A joint press statement has been issued in this regard. The Municipal elections will be held from 24 June to 4 July and results will be out on 7 July. The CPI(ML) will field its candidates for the Mayor in Gorakhpur, for Municipal Council Presidents in Robertsganj and Sultanpur, Nagar Panchayat Presidents in Maniyar in Balia, Suriyawan in Bhadohi, Nichlaul and Siswan in Maharajganj, and for Ward members in at least 13 districts all over the state.

Rural Poor Struggle for Homestead Lands in Madhubani

vis-a-vis Attacks by Feudals

Thousands of rural poor under the banner of CPI(ML) held a militant march in Madhubani which was concluded at the district headquarters, on 15 June 2012. The marchers demanded action against feudal forces which instituted attacks on dalit and rural poor demanding lands for homesteads. Party has been conducting a 'rehabilitate the poor' (Garib Basaao) campaign in the district since January last, which has resulted in exposing illegal occupations by feudals and Mahants on common lands. At many places in the district such lands were identified and distributed among poor at Party's initiatives. In January, 50 landless families were rehabilitated in Basuara village on a three acre land plot which was freed from unauthorised occupation of a Mahanth. Later another 10 acres land was redistributed to poor in the same area. This had resulted in framing of false cases against many CPI(ML) activists by the Mahant and land mafia.


Another 100 maha-dalit families was provided 5 acres of land that was freed from feudals in Kasiyana village of Rajnagar block. In Laheriaganj, 300 families were given homesteads on a 11 acres of freed land. A pond was also occupied in Mangarauni by the villegers. Landlords tried this attempt to foil, first time by going to court- while villagers went for a mediation through village mukhiya- and then they organised an attack on villagers by mobilising tens of goons on June 4, 2012. This was foiled in face of mass resistance put up by the villagers. Attackers fled leaving their vehicles on the spot, which were seized by the police. Later hundreds of feudals gathers at Madhubani, on June 6, and openly threatened of armed attacks on villagers!


The protest on 15 June was held in this backdrop. People participated with red flags, placards, and with traditional bows and arrows. They demanded arrests of those who instituted attack on CPI(ML) office in Mangarauni, identification of feudal elements with criminal backgrounds and action against them, inquiry into the activities of land mafia by the a special crime branch, redistribution of common village lands presently under illegal occupation of land mafia and feudal elements, and CBI inquiry into the land scams in the state. These struggles have resulted in renewed enthusiasm among rural poor and people are also seeing this as renewal of the communist movement in the region, while feudal-criminal elements see this as a challenge to their so far unchallenged dominance.

Protests Mark the Anniversary of Forbisganj Firing

JNU Students Union and many other organisations held a protest demonstration in Delhi at Bihar Bhavan on 3 June. They sent a memorandum to the CM of Bihar demanding CBI inquiry in Forbisganj firing incident and action against police personnel involved in firing.


CPI(ML) held a demonstration in Patna on this issue. This was led by Dhirendra Jha, Saroj Chaube, Kamlesh Sharma, Anita Sinha, Abhyuday and others. They said that Nitish govt. is protecting communal forces led by BJP, and hence it is not taking any action against the accused persons. Nitish is equal partner in the BJP-Sangh's anti-Muslim politics. Dozens of Party activists also marched in Fatuha town to mark the anniversary of this heinous incident and recorded their protest. Protests were also held in Purnea and Bhagalpur and many other places. In Darbhanga, a convention was organised by CPI(ML) and Inquilabi Muslim Conference in Hamidia Madarsa which was addressed by Party district Sec. Baidyanath Yadav, RK Sahni, Md. Abdullah, Devendra Kumar and Md. Murtaza.

Arrest the Arsonists who Set on Fire

Com. Mahboob Alam's House

CPI(ML) Bihar State Committee member and two-time MLA from Barsoi Comrade Mahboob Alam's house was set on fire in the night of 25 May 2012. He lives in a kachha thatched house which was sprinkled with petrol. A CPI(ML) team comprising of CCM and AIALA President Rameshwar Prasad, All India Kisan Mahasabha Bihar Secretary Rajendra Patel, Purnea Party District Secretary Pankaj Kumar, and AISA leader Mukesh visited his place and submitted a detailed report. Before setting the house on fire, criminals locked the door from outside and also removed the bolts from hand-pump installed in front of the house so that water may not be available to extinguish the fire. Attackers might have thought Com. Mahboob was inside, but he was not present there owing to some meeting with the villagers. His family, wife and children, some how managed to got out and neighbours seeing the high flames came to rescue. Every thing in the house was burnt to ashes, including books and literature Mahboob had been collecting since decades.


The CPI(ML) team met hundreds of people in the area and felt that comrade Mahboob is under threat from feudal-mafia nexus, led mainly by NCP and BJP leaders, against which he has been struggling for years. He is an immensely popular leader and hence being seen as an obstacle by the ruling class parties, especially NCP. All such parties represent the interests of communal-feudal nexus in Katihar and Barsoi. A FIR had been lodged immediately but so far nothing has been done by police and administration.


A road-blockade was organised in protest on 28 May, while a protest and mass meeting was held in Barsoi with the demand to arrest the culprits. A dharna was also held on 1 June in district headquarter Katihar to demand the identification of arsonists and to provide security for Comrade Mahbub.

Open Letter to P Chidambaram Against Witch-Hunt of Muslims

On June 14, activists of various organisations including the AISA, JNU Students' Union and Aman Biradari, Bhartiya Muslim Mahila Andolan, Centre for Policy Analysis, Champa - The Amiya & B.G. Rao Foundation, Citizens for Democracy, Jamia Teacher's Solidarity Association (JTSA), Movement for Empowerment of Muslim Indians (MOEMIN), PUCL (Delhi unit), Revolutionary Youth Association, and many other organisations planned to hold a demonstration outside Home Minister P Chidambaram's house in protest against the communal profiling of Muslim youth in the 'war against terror'. The demonstrators were detained at the Safdarjung Police Station and not allowed to reach the venue of the protest. They carried on with the protest meeting at the Police Station itself and issued a letter to the Home Minister in which they condemned the disappearances and illegal detentions which are now rampant in the name of fighting terrorism.

The letter said that "it is as though a new wave of counter terrorism has been launched to terrorize the youth belonging to a community. In this Kafkaesque world over which you preside, young men are picked up, some times snatched by one agency from another and presented to the world as dreaded terrorists. You may remember the case of Naquee Ahmed who was aiding the Special Cell in tracing two suspects in Mumbai when the Mumbai ATS abducted and kept him in illegal custody before announcing that a sensational arrest had been made. The Special Cell of course abandoned him. Competition between the agencies is costing innocents their life and liberty and when these squabbles spill into the media, your Ministry merely considers them bad PR rather than genuine concerns of a democracy." The protesters demanded an end to such ceaseless assaults and Investigating agencies' reign of terror, terming it an issue of justice and democracy. They expressed grave concern and condemned the murder of Md. Qateel in a Maharashtra jail recently.

AMU Students Visit Koshikalan after the Riots

Students from Aligarh Muslim University's Law Faculty , Shahab Ahmed and Mohd. Basel, visited Koshikalan, the town in Mathura district where riots broke out recently. The students observed that the markets are still closed, both communities are blaming each other for the impasse and trying to take revenge. The very fabric of the society, the trust and cooperation are on the brink of the collapse. All these clashes started over a petty issue of water which Muslims have managed for people who are coming out after paying namaz inside the Mosque. In the meantime, A person namely Dev Mehrauli (belonging to Vaishya community) cleaned his hand after taking water from that drum after urinating at some distance. It triggered Muslim sentiments, an exchange of foul words took place. Anyhow muslims went to offer namaz inside the Mosque. The duration of gap was well utilized by the VHP leader, RN Bhardwaj and Depak Jaiswal, who got whole hearted support of Lekhraj Chaudhary (M.L.C) and Chaudhray Laxmi Narayan, former Agriculture minister. It is interesting to note that the municipal election is at hand in U.P. This incident killed four person, 3 Muslim, Kallu, Bhura (both twins) and Salahuddin Shaikh and one Hindu Sonu Saini and around 25 persons injured and atleast 150 shops were burnt down and many houses were looted. If the necessary step would have taken earlier then the damage had been minimized. Now, situation is under curfew but their exist essence of insecurity. Unfortunately no civil society group, no human rights group and no intellectual interference have been made so far, they observed.

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