Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Comrade Sucheta De, Natioal President, AISA Comdemns  SFI  violence  & attitude of intolerance in campuses toward  activists of AISA , Ambedkarites and other  progressives who may be  expressing  political dissent
( Reproduced here from the related facebook status)

Why is SFI scared of any political challenge from within the left or Ambedkarites ??
How does the government in Kerala differentiate itself from any bourgeoisie government in addressing differences. They must decide what is more important for them - power or left principles!!
After attacking a Dalit student in MG university Kottayam , SFI has used CPM's ruling position in Kerala to intimidate AISA activists who stood by the Dalit student to file cases against them in Kottayam.
On 17 January AISA observed a national protest day against Rohith's Institutional Murder and demanding Rohith Act, AISA activists in Sree Kerala Varmma  College, Thrissur too observed the national call and organised protest programmes in the college. Two days after the programme, Com. Faheem was attacked by a gang of 20 SFI goons in SKVC  and Com. Anjitha and Sreelakshmi came in defence of Faheem, the female comrades were also attacked SFI goons. They had to go through serious medical treatment after the attack and they are being threatened with police action in Thrissur also.
The Left Democratic Front led by CPM in Kerala has shown as a model of encounters, imposition of UAPA and sedition on left activists who are not in CPM. The absolute intolerance towards any assertion by any other left forces or Ambedkarite forces is anything but a model of left democratic politics.
Wherever in power, SFI emboldened by CPM position in government has mis-utlilised its political power to threaten, intimidate and unleash violence on forces who don't subscribe to CPM's hobnobbing with present power structure!
We are living in times where the fascist government is leaving no stone unturned to crackdown on every space of dissent. In such a time when it is needed that CPI-M and SFI reflect upon the need of building a robust resistance against fascism , they seem arrogant unmoved about any need to introspect and change.
Even AISF comrades have been physically attacked in Kerala by SFI.
AISA comrades from Dalit and deprived backgrounds were physically assaulted
also in Tripura where again CPM is in power. According to CPI-M,  state governments led by them are instruments of class struggle.
Is this really the model of class struggle where forces of struggle coming from marginalised sections are made to face the brunt of power led by CPM? The Delhi state leadership of SFI demanded details of Tripura incident which were duly provided to the national leadership but no action has been taken till now. It is saddening to see the CPM and SFI has learned no lesson after the debacle in Bengal post Singur and Nandigram and continue to show arrogance of power in states  they rule.
The SFI must know that if this continues students who have built up a robust resistance against the Regime of the central govt can expose their hypocrisy as well.

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